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I will see clients at my in-home treatment room by referral only

$85 per hour for a Swedish-style relaxing massage

$95 per hour for Spinal Reflex Treatment (SRT), helpful in alleviating chronic pain associated with past injuries or repetitive positioning aches and pains.

$100 per hour for Deep Tissue - a targeted and precise massage that uses specific techniques to push aside superficial layers of soft tissue to get at the deeper tissue. Deep tissue massage can be very relaxing and helpful at alleviating those tight "knots" that never seem to go away. There can be some discomfort for 1-2 minutes during the release of a specific muscle and when done properly Deep Tissue is not a painful massage and you should not walk away feeling battered and bruised.

Essential oils blended for your specific needs are added to every massage at no additional cost.

No tipping!

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted!

Gift Certificates available!

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